Monday, December 29, 2008

Our fundraiser

Well it was an interesting day!

25 horses, actually 24 and a mule, lol. I was so very worried about this all going well so you can only imagine how I was feeling when the first person was bucked off while trying to mount!!!!
Only to have a young girl also get bucked off as we were all leaving the carpark! I put the rather excited pony on a lead and lead the poor girl for quite a way. We decided he had settled down, so let him loose only to see him get into it again 10 minutes later and she again came off.

So it was back on the lead and we towed them for quite a long time after that till I felt safe enough to let her loose. This young girl was on her own really so I couldn't just leave her.

Gus was far from impressed. He hasn't been ridden for 2 weeks and the sight of everyone else disappearing while we mucked about looking after a pony was more than he could cope with nearly. He pulled some awful faces and spun around a bit. He would have loved to bite the dear pony and I had my work cut out for me keeping them both under control. My wrists are sore today and so are my hands. I need to remember to wear gloves.

The rest of the day went fairly well. Another girl came off on the way home but everyone else seemed happy enough. That or they were extremely polite.

I didn't get any photo's really. I was a bit too busy really.

Gus wearing my hat

Jan stayed with us overnight. So this morning we took Gus & Shadow to the beach. It was overcast and drizzling rain which is sometimes the best riding times at the beach. We went for a bit of a blat and played in the waves.

Went to check up on steph's place this afternoon. All her ponies looked pleased to see someone. They are well and getting plenty to eat but it's really worrying to hear that Duncan is not doing so great.
Lots of positive thoughts please. It can't be his time yet. Thinking of you Steph & Duncan.

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