Monday, November 17, 2008

Roydon Downs Weekend Trek

With the Waiouru trek fast approaching we thought it wise to get Charlie's horse out in company and see how he goes.
Mat, Kathryn and Nadesha run and organise some nice treks in interesting places.
Roydon Downs is near Te Puke and a beautiful farm with established forestry and lots of different trees.
They have log cabins, no electricity and only cold running water so its camping at its best!
"Horse" was a bit excited on the first day but after the first 2 hours he settled down and go on with being part of the ride. He wasn't bothered by anything in particular and only stood out for being the biggest horse on the ride.

You can see he got quite sweaty and wasn't too fussed on standing still on the first day
But he was no problem and Charlie seemsed to be enjoying himself.
We had a bit of a break in this clearing.
After the lunch break we had a short ride up the road before heading back into the forestry again.
The second day was a bit dustier as you can see below. Louise posing on her lovely homebred filly.
But "Horse" was looking much more relaxed. Charlie and Mat out in front for a bit.
No photo's of me and Summ. We had the camera haha! She was her usual self. Had a few "moments" but otherwise all good. She needed this quiet weekend after our not so great attempt at endurance riding.
She had her usual admirers and lots of people asking about her being ridden in a halter.

A nice relaxing weekend. It was a bit of a shame to come home really but its only a few weeks till we can go away again. YAY!

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Monica said...

Wow! It is beautiful in your area of the world! The horses are magnificent. We used to have a Halflinger and another horse, but haven't had any now for several years. I really miss them.