Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just catching up

The saddle fitting problems are continuing. Have booked a trial for a treeless saddle. It looks divine (Sensation Ride) and I am being assured it is as good as it looks.
I have my doubts still over a few things but can't wait to try it now.

Yesterday Karen and I went exploring on a new ride. We had directions to go to a certain place, go through a gate and follow the obvious track .
Our 2 young ponies were both fairly full of themselves and not making anything too easy for us. We got to the paddock but as to finding the obvious track??????????? We went down several potential places only to have to double back again. It was quite an interesting paddock with some quite steep bits. It turned into a fun ride but we never did find that track!

Today she tells me that Lee reckons we went to far down the road, and should have gone into a paddock about 1/2 km earlier. Cool! Now we have something new to try next week!

Earlier this week I had a bit of a shock when I spotted Justa's last foal for sale AGAIN on Trade Me. Charlie came out of the shower to find me with tears streaming. I had really tried to block out selling him when he was so young after finally achieving, breeding what I had always hoped for.
To see him for sale for the 3rd time in his short life has really upset me terribly.
Colette has made an offer for him so time will tell I guess if he makes it back to this part of the country.
I have asked if they could let me know where he ends up.

My thoughts today are with a few people that are having hard times just now. Especially Lynda's mum who is nearing the end of a 24 hr Chemotherapy marathon.
How do Chemo and therapy get to be used it the same word????

Fingers x'd too for Gus who gets his blood test again tomorrow. He certainly is looking a lot better.
We need Gussy boy. He is a very important part of our family now and I am determined to get him back out on the street collecting for cancer research.

Kia Kaha friends

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