Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jasper is such a cool pony!

I've been itching for some good weather to get Jasper's cover off to have a good look at him. My suspicions were confirmed and he has actually put on quite a lot of weight recently! Yahoo!!
Actually he is quite round but thats fine. I'm sure it won't do him any harm.

The weather is still appalling this morning with a lot more rain. However him and the roany pony needed moving but this move to better grazing requires a wee wander down quite a long driveway.
I couldn't resist the temptation to ride, so I bailed on.
Dear Jasper didn't put a foot wrong. He has only ever had about 6 proper rides (of sorts) and the last one was over a month ago now.

I love my ginga pony who is of course now officially a 3 yr old!!

hmmm, I asked myself if I would have ridden Summer (if Jasper hadn't been there) and to be honest I would never have even considered it. Why do I have such a mental block about her......................

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