Saturday, August 2, 2008

An assault of the senses

In preparation of Daffodil day we took Gus and Shadow for a ride around where they would experience some traffic.
Shadow is of course an old hand at this stuff and while I was pretty confident about Gus it was still something I hadn't done with him.
After a near miss on the road a couple of year ago my confidence in traffic is not great either.

We started of slow in a low traffic area and slowly built up to the faster stuff. Grandview Rd, past the kids all playing soccer, out onto Ellicot Rd and down onto Avalon Drive.
All without a hitch.

For me though it was a real eye opener. People in houses, all that traffic and the noise!!!!! The smells were something else too.

Daffodil day will be fine now and I have total confidence in how Gus and myself will cope.

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