Thursday, June 12, 2008


I have hopefully got on top of Jasper's mud fever today. 99% of the scabs are off and its smothered in zinc & castor oil cream. Fingers x'd. Its been causing us grief for the past few weeks so hopefully thats the end of it.

Summ & Jasper had mini make overs this morning. Manes tidied and Summer got a long overdue tail wash.

Jasper had a turn again with the driving reins just to refresh as he has had a few days off. He was really good.

Summer had a spin on the lunge and tried her heart out. She is a good girl. Yesterday I had a short ride on her bareback with the halter. Just around the yard as its now been 3 months since she was ridden.
Hopefully I can get her to Gina's on Monday and we will see how much she remembers.

Fieldays tomorrow. Hopefully I will enjoy it a bit more this year. Didn't get home from work till 2.30 am last year then in the car and gone just after 7 am. I think I was asleep on my feet by 10 am LOL.

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