Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rangitoto Ride

Well Sunday was another great ride at Rangitoto.

The Waipa river is a huge feature of the rides down there and it was as much fun as it was the last time I was there. Slightly different route this time and I was one of a group of 7 that managed to get slightly lost! LOL.
Gave us the chance to trot and canter to catch up though ;-)

Gus got clipped on Friday! He is the best dressed horse on the place right now. Once he realised the clippers weren't going to eat him he stood pretty well.

I must buy a map of the North island to start plotting all these rides we go on.

Jasper is now long reining. Taking it all in his stride as Jasper does with most things.
Its still hard to imagine him ever going fast enough to even think about racing him but time will tell I guess.

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BasicBeginnings said...

So cool to hear about your adventures! Fingers crossed I have my own horse to ride soon. I have two to break in at present.

Jasper sounds like he will make a good racehorse.....wont expend all his energy till he is racing :D