Thursday, September 27, 2012

Juno goes to the beach

After Juno's long lesson yesterday, I thought a trip to the beach would be something different for her. She's never been before and sometimes the beach can be a scary place. The water moves, so does the sand, and the wind blows.
She started off with her head in the air and spooking at the little waves coming at her but before too long she was plodding around in the sea.
She tried several times to drink the water and seemed quite concerned about sinking in the softer sand.

But after some time and a bit on lungeing, she decided non of it was too scary so we headed back to dry land. It was cold today and both of us were wet.

 Once she hit the soft sand she got down on her knee's and played in it, ate a mouthful before deciding it didn't taste so good,
She a then dug a hole, got down on her knee's and buried her face in the sand.


A much needed rest was had before she got to her feet
and proudly showed off her sandy nose.

A successful mission that should mean our first ride there will be nice and uneventful.

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Ruffles said...

Juno looks like she had a great time :)