Sunday, May 27, 2012

South Island Trip

Saturday, 26 May 27, 2012

We were up early to tidy up as good as possible (sorry Derick!) before heading off on a bit of a holiday. Apart from booking our first ferry crossing, we had no plans.

To make it somewhat horsey, we spent some at the Eight Mile Junction, talking horses and swapping gear with a friend before taking the scenic route to Wellington.

It was a fog bound day over most of the country we heard on the news later that night, which would explain the lack of appearance from Mount Taranaki!

So onwards to Wanganui we went. I nodded off for a bit ;-) and woke up feeling fuzzy as ya do. A  dark quite so early and it was not the most pleasant journey combined with the fog. So when a sign showed up with accommodation and food showing on it, that was us for the night.

Sunday, 27

Up at 6.30 am,  to head for the ferry. Not much traffic at that time of the morning is a good thing when it’s been about 10 yrs since you were last there. I spent quite a lot of the crossing people watching. Was  weather closed in and the rain got too heavy so we watched the rest of the crossing from the warmth of the cafĂ©.

Down the road to Blenheim we went in the pouring rain, thinking an afternoon of TV watching might be a good thing. But the sky cleared and I dragged Charlie away from the TV to go for a walk. We never did make the walk but ended up on Taylor Pass Rd, going up hills, crossing fords (only 1 had a decent amount of water in it) and wondering if we should find somewhere to turn back. Eventually the road came to an end in a beautiful valley and we found our way back to town. Charlie watching League and me going out for that walk J Tomorrow………well we haven’t quite decided yet.

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sally said...

sounds like a real adventure ....hope the sun comes out for you and you get to see some wonderful south Island sights