Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter weekend 2012

 Friday, we headed off to spend Easter's long weekend at Brian's place. We made it there just on lunchtime and decided to head down the beach for a short ride.

There were quite a few other people staying and they had gone out with Brian earlier in the day.  We met them not far along the road and it was a very overwhelming experience to be greeted so strongly by people I hadn't seen in a while.

We had a lovely ride on the beach. Charlie's new black horse went well and threw himself into the deep water crossing with great enthusiasm!
I was on Trix who went as good as always.

Being on the beach bought back a lot of memories however. This is where I had taken Chief and a lot of things I have buried deeply, bubbled back to the surface.
That night was great fun. Friends, family, music, alcohol and a safe place made for an enjoyable night mostly.
 Next day we went for a good long ride. About 6 hrs in the end. Poor Trix ran out of petrol though. I hadn't been hard feeding her like I did leading up to the GNZ trek and she obviously needed it.
 Another great night was had by most of us. A few (including me) turned it into an early morning though! Made for interesting riding out thats for sure.

The next day I rode Mark's palomino horse, Buddy. Many people suggested I should buy him and many commented that we looked good together. He is a lovely horse but not one I could afford.

Jet, went like a dream again. He is quite young in his attitude for a 6 yr old but I have been told many times that the Friesian breed are slow to mature. He is going to be a lovely horse and we are pretty thrilled with him so far.

So it was an all round interesting weekend. Long time friend, Derek, has taken to his new life with gusto. It is awesome to have him able to spend time with us again.

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sally said...

Sounds like a fun time and wow what beautiful views. It was probably good to do the beach ride to help sort through past memories.