Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Riding.........the roller coaster of life

Still plenty of ups and downs for me. This year officially is going down in history as being fairly unpleasant (to be polite).

Tomorrow I am to have a cortisone injection into what was my good shoulder. Yep, I now have 2 munted shoulders :(
On the plus side, the cortisone is supposedly going to take the pain away and allow me some decent sleep. I am a total needle phobic but have to say, I am so not bothered by this. I just want it over.

Thanks to my fabulous friends, I have managed a few nice rides on the star that is Trix. What a find she has been. She suits me perfectly right now.
Super safe and easy, but not boring to ride either. And she goes anywhere I point her. Being me of course, I don't settle for wandering around the neighbourhood. We are going through swamps, crossing water, up and down hills. There is the odd moment when things jar me and I hold my breath for a few minutes till the pain subsides.
A lot has to be said for good mental health though and riding is one of the few times I feel really happy.

A break through occurred tonight with Trix. She has been not too sure about eating hard feed. And not putting her head in a feed bowl.
It's taken a while but tonight she put her head straight in and ate everything. Sad that a horse her age doesn't really know much about treats of any kind.
If I hold something to her mouth, she acts like I am trying to worm her.

Chief is loving having some regular human contact. I was really worried about starting him again but after a couple of sessions of ground work, my fears have been calmed. Now just to get better so I can ride him.

Paul (foal) is growing like foals do. Lucky is still being a protective mum and keeps him away from us so we have to catch her and tie her in the yard so we can handle him occasionally.

Simon the standy appears to have been ridden before. Charlie put a saddle on him over the weekend, climbed on the drenching race at the cattle yards to get on Simon who proceeded to plod off around the paddock.
He is still a bit light in condition and is taking some time to strengthen up but seems to be worth the wait.

Busy finally showed signs of being in season so is off to the stallion next cycle.

And Juno has tonight been booked in to be started by Bryan Mc Vicar at the end of November. She has really filled out lately and is becoming a very big strong girl.

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sally said...

All the best with the injection ...sounds painful though. Glad to hear you are getting out on Trix