Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Introducing Trix. A shepherds hack/pig hunting horse off a near by property.

Trix was for sale and some friends trialled her her at our place last weekend. We had a great time and a group of us went up the back of the farm.

I rode Cheyenne who had been loaned to me. She's been awesome and I am so lucky to have had the use of such a safe horse to test myself out on after not riding for so long.

Anyway, the friends decided not to buy Trix, but they did buy the other horse they tried out here.
4 hrs on Cheyenne and I watched Trix a fair chunk of the time. I thought she might be great for me as I was already moving on from Cheyenne.
So when they said no, Charlie & I said yes. She will be great for me till I am happy enough to get back on Chief.

Trix has done some hard tough years of work, and her body shows the evidence of this. There is some signs of old saddle sores etc and she was rather dirty. But a couple of hose downs after some rides, a good does of wormer, some good grass and she is already looking heaps better.

She's quite sensitive around her face, mouth area and has been used to getting ridden in a home made bosal arrangement.
I think she needs to see a dentist and probably a chiropractor judging by the crouched stance she tends to have at times. This will all get done asap. In the mean time, I am working on a plan to catch her as like a lot of horses that haven't had the easiest life, she isn't too keen on being caught!

She doesn't know what an apple or carrot is. Sniffs hard feed suspiciously but is eating it now. She won't put her head in a feed bucket though and I am hand feeding her presently. This might be because she is blind (or possibly seeing a tiny amount) in her right eye after being transported in a cattle track as a youngster.

So I am riding!! Cool huh! Not good at getting on really, and getting off is bad as if I catch my arm wrong, it really hurts bad. But once on the horse, I couldn't get much happier.


sally said...

Sounds like Trix has landed on her feet ....lucky horse and so glad to hear you are back in the saddle. Hasn't it been nice seeing the spring weather arrive!

Sharon said...

We docked lambs today. Really feels like spring alright!

FeetNZ said...

Great to see you back 'on top' again. And what a lucky pony to have found you.