Saturday, January 15, 2011

And so it goes

Life really is one big revolving door I have decided.

All the old insecurities are creeping back in. The last 3 rides on Chief, have gone from bad to worse. Today was just plain horrible.
Charlie came along on Trapper, it was his first ride in some time and in hindsight, probably not the best to take out with Chief.
Trapper was pretty good really but spooked at the sheep a couple of times. Charlie shouted at him and Chief went WTF!!!!!!!
And as he has now been around the farm a few times, he know's now when we turn for home. Then the head flicking and jig jogging starts. He looses focus very quickly and all my old insecurities flood back in. I sit there like a numpty and do nothing, although even in hindsight, I am not sure what to do......
Once we got back home today, I put a noseband on Chief's bridle. He protested in a very chief like fashion but after half an hour settled down nicely and we even got a long rein walk and some nice standing still. Something that could not have been considered earlier in the day.

Summer's saddle has arrived. Well it will be Summer's saddle as long as it fits. It came yesterday and is still sitting in the lounge. Might not even get to try it till Monday as we are having a family dinner to celebrate Ryan moving out and to his new job tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow morning, I have been talked into joining the HORSE Club ride on Chief. Thanks Jan, I think. Had originally said I wouldn't go as it involves some road riding and being in town. I am easily lead obviously. Still, I can get off and lead him if things get uncomfortable.

Talking of uncomfortable, I was supposed to have nerve conduction tests on Wednesday as they believe I have a trapped nerve in my left elbow.
Maybe it's just that I hurt a lot right now, strained ligament in right arm and shoulder as well as the tendinitis which is causing me grief in my hands, but I just couldn't do the tests.

They give your nerves an electrical stimulation (read shock) and a machine records the findings. Apparently I am not the first person who left with it uncompleted. I did give it a good go I thought but wow it wasn't good.

So proof that I am a wimp is recorded forever.


FeetNZ said...

I couldnt stand the nerve conduction studies...they did my right hand first, and I already have severe nerve damage and the shocks were quite simply unbearable....the left weren't bad at all (having endure the right hand side!).

Keep it up with chief, and have a great ride.

Sharon said...

Thanks Fiona. I am sure it's only one step off some sort of torture ;-)