Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aaahhh, the fun of it all..........

I wanted to go ride Chief this afternoon. He however had other idea's. Funny how they pick up the bad stuff so much quicker than the good stuff!!

Lined him up at the mounting block, stood on it and waited briefly because standing still is such an important thing to do and then he repeated his antics of Christmas day and the other day when Paul went to hop on. The rear back and gone move.
I caught him again, was smart enough to be doing this in the yard, and then we had an all time tantrum over it. Chief repeatedly rearing up and me just hanging on. I knew I couldn't let go again as this was becoming a habit I wanted to stop....NOW!
He tipped himself over in the dirt and I got quite mad about that. I had just spent the morning cleaning the saddle, LOL
Eventually he decided he did know better and we repeated the initial exercise, and then went for our first solo farm ride.
Got off and on at a few gates as thats easier right now, especially with my bung arm. All went fine. He is so much easier than Summer. No shying at rocks, birds and nothings.
I could get to like it.

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