Saturday, December 25, 2010

So it's Christmas

Well Christmas night now. How was everyone's day?

Ours was quiet which is just what we wanted. This afternoon Chief got a new set of shoes. Love my husband and his farrier skills!!
Have been trying to get him to re shoe Chief for about 10 days now though. His idea to do it today. when I said "but it's Christmas day" he just replied that he didn't care. He's never been one for making a fuss over Christmas, or birthdays for that matter.
Chief even split one front shoe as he had worn it so thin.
Any hoooo, this was Chief second time he had been trimmed and second time being shod. The first was not so flash but he did well all considering. We did have to use a twitch to do the hind shoes though.
So today we dosed him with Valerian first. It did make a difference. Not a spectacular one but it was better. The twitch was still employed but he did then just stand nicely instead of fighting it all.

Seeing as he was standing so well, I decided it was also a good time to go for a ride on him. Chief had other idea's however. He spent last night out in the long grass with the Missy (pinto mare) and is sticking to her like glue.

So when I lead him up to where we climb on, he reared back and took off. My arm is still bad and I couldn't hold him. Actually I did try to hold him but the pain made me let go and I ended up sitting on the ground having a wee rock till the pain subsided.

Then of course we had to deal with that issue that just developed as you do. One broken bridle, broken reins, broken tie down and Chief with a bit more skin missing after he then decided it was a good option to give jumping the fence another go.

So some alterations were made to the gear and we did go riding. Just for a short time but ride we did.

So that was Christmas day. I ended the afternoon with a cocktail of pain killers and alcohol, and I am feeling better but tomorrow of course will be another day. The arm is really very bad and not healing. Probably not helped by me hurting it most days, at least 2 or 3 times. today's was the worst though. That flippin hurt.

The saddler who is working hard to help out with Summer, might just have a saddle already made up that could fit.
It matches the tree that fitted her best and the profiles are matching her. Could I be that lucky?
I was expecting this process to take a couple of months so this comes as a surprise. Still it hasn't happened just yet but my finger's are tightly X'd.

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