Sunday, October 17, 2010

H.O.R.S.E. Club

Great ride today with our older riders club.

Some of hadn't had enough after the first forestry loop so we headed back again. We were out there for 3 1/2 hrs in the end.
It drizzled rain the entire time but it was great to be out riding with friends.

Summer REALLY excited to be out with group again. So excited that she couldn't contain herself and put in a lovely buck right at the beginning. But she settled after a short time and we had a nice ride.

We were doing a bit of hooning towards the end and we had one moment of absolutely no brakes. Not pleasant at all. Flat out down hill, crashing past Jan & Shadow I called out to Susan in front to hold up please and we crashed past her coming to a very untidy stop.
We might have to work on that!

Beach tomorrow with Steph. A quiet splash around could be good after today. I know I'm feeling the effects tonight.

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