Sunday, September 5, 2010

We did it

Today I rode Chief off the lead. Was just around the small yard but we did it.
That's ride number 3 or is it only number 1 as the other times were on the lead? Who cares, we did it!

Now if the weather would just give us all a bit of a break, we could make some real progress possibly.

Still it's hard to complain too much about some wind, rain, and way too much mud after the devastating earthquake in Christchurch early yesterday morning.


sally said...

Haha it looks like great minds think alike as we have the same blog background. Congrats for getting more time on Chiefs back super brave thing you. And yes you are so right we should be greatful that even though we have been hit by so much crappy weather at least its not an earthquake. It woke Glenn and I up. The whole house was moving

and this is Summer said...

It's blue and summery looking (the background) which has to be a good thing, considering how hard it is, to imagine summer ever happening lately :)