Friday, August 27, 2010

Daffodil Day 2010

That's the story and photo from last week above. Not too bad aye!

So the weather god's decided to give us a break today and apart from a few stray showers it stayed dry until right at the end when we were loading up, and then it started tipping down.

Summer was a very good girl today. I am thrilled with her. She had the odd 'moment' and we lost forward gear at one point, but that was re established after a smack on the backside with the end on her lead rope. Cheeky pony.

One thing about Summ, she loves to be inside. Not sure what the attraction was at the saddlery shop (Horselands) but she was very interested in it.
And then it was on to our favourite feed store.
Matt, who has his arm round Summer, rode Gus a few times. He loves Summer but always asks about Gus. They put out so much food that we had to leave and call back in later on in the day to finish it off.

We had to meet up with a photographer again, who followed us around for a bit. He asked what we could do for a good photo, so I told him how we took Gus inside the Tavern last year. He thought that was a great idea so up the steps and inside we went. Summer right up at the bar, camera's clicking everywhere. And then she crapped on the carpet. Oops! Lucky it's really just grass and not much different to a muddy boot. They were great about it and we cleaned it up quickly.

So it was a great day really. And of course it's all about raising money. $798.10. That should have flashing lights around it as it's an amazing amount of money.

Totally loving my pony tonight. For a country girl, she sure does a good day in town.

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