Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chief .......again :-)

James made it this afternoon to do Chief's teeth. Really grateful for how he handled the whole thing.
He is a hard person to get as he is just so busy. Have made a note to call him end of July so we can get him back to do all the others sometime towards the end of August.

Chief must have known something was up as he did not want to come into the yards with the others. He headed back up the hill with real purpose and Charlie went and headed him off with the 4X4. Might sound a bit over the top but its around 30 acres that paddock and its not practical to chase them around on foot!
So with some persuasion he quickly changed his mind and joined his mates. He really is funny.

Summer played baby sitter for the event, a job she seems to enjoy.

Chief hasn't met many people, and does the big draw-back snort thing when approached by someone new. This is where James is so great as he is well used to handling horses and read him perfectly. He took the lead and gave him a head rub, and Chief visibly relaxed. Perfect.

You almost got the sense that he could have easily done his teeth, without the sedation but I wanted him to have a good experience and he did need to have wolf teeth extracted.

So now it's done. One account paid and the vets one (for sedation) to come. No such thing ever as a cheap horse. They all end up costing in some way.
They both marveled at the condition of his still untrimmed feet. Good tough little X bred.

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