Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

I made a big decision last week. Summer is to be sold.
She is a good trekking horse but not a great one. And I really enjoy this trekking around the country stuff.

Very tough decision but long thought about. She walks through water because she knows she has too but still looks for the out. Mud is not her 'thing' and while she has a very good walk, its not a great walk and I really want to keep up with my friends.

She is the horse I thought I would have for the rest of her lifetime but she should be in a dressage arena or going to shows. Really upsetting stuff.

So the hunt is on for a replacement. How the heck do you get excited about a new horse or even looking for one when you know how sad its going to be to see the one you already have go?

We went to Gisborne over the weekend and I rode 3 different horses. Big deal for me that one!
3 very different types too and went on an amazing farm ride. Places I wouldn't even walk myself let alone on a horse but wow what sure footed, safe horses they were.
But they weren't the horses for me so still looking.

I rode her today. She has healed up fine. And I placed an ad on Trade Me. Already had one phone call.
Not sure how to feel about it all really.

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