Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have a new pony arriving on the weekend.
While on the trek, a friend mentioned he had a small horse at home that would suit me. He had bought him for himself as a youngster but he had never really grown as big as expected.

The only real catch was that Chief is 6 yrs old (rising 7) and unbroken. He had been left out on a run off block to grow and never got much handling. Hmmm. Is that the sort of horse I need with me being such a nervous Nana?

So after exchanging some photos we headed off to see Chief. The photos hadn't really thrilled me too much but Craig knows me well enough now and I trust him to not put me wrong. Big call for me that.
Heading up the drive way I spot the fabulous Gambler tied to a tree playing baby sitter to Chief who's tied to the next tree.
He was wary of us but seems to have a great attitude. He never tried to turn away and while there were brief moments when his head went up in alarm there was lots of lip licking etc too. He is very short backed and compact and around the 15 hh mark. Never had his feet trimmed ever and they are in remarkably good shape. Potential bare footer??
I like him a lot so yeah he's coming to live here with us. Craig has asked for first option to buy him back but hopefully he will work out to be the tough little trekking horse I am after.

The basic breaking in stuff is something I really enjoy but I think when it come to the early riding education stuff I will get someone a bit more confident than me to take him away and do it.

Had a ride here yesterday with a couple of friends in the howling wind and horizontal stinging rain. Summer was a dragon for the first hr. Tail switching constantly, nappy, jibbing to get home and being downright horrible. Then we got out onto the big hill climbs and she just tootled up and down like they weren't there leaving the big and what I believe fitter horses behind. They were quite impressed by her as generally they only get to see the random shit she pulls. 2 hrs later and she still had the energy to shy at a few things on the way home. She really does not get enough work!

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sally said...

Hey there ....have n't commented or been reading my blog for a week or so. Have been so busy!!!. I saw your add on Trademe. Thought I recognised summer. I have been reading back through your posts. I have the same crazy situations here in my camp....to sell or not to. I'm sure our horses are sent to try us. Much luck with decision making