Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chief .......again :-)

Crikey he's a crack up! Scared stiff of just about everything poor dude. But really brave with other things.
Had our second session today, dragging covers along beside him, getting him comfortable with me standing back towards his hind quarters (something that bothers him heaps) and then today we picked up his front feet, as well as just mucking around with a rope etc.

Because he is good about some things I decided to put the cover on. You would have thought he'd been waiting all his life to get a cover. I am sure he nearly purred. Did some leading around with it on him to make sure he was comfortable and then let him go.

Tempting to push on as he responds so well but will be patient.

This is Shorty below. She is my special guardian who seems to feel the need to chaperone me when I am working with the horses in the yards on my own. Shorty barely leaves the house most days so I often find it a bit unnerving when she shows up. She just hangs around on top of the fence keeping an eye on me.

She seems to think I need her. Right now she is sleeping at my feet. A fair bit of that though is just about keeping wee Friday cat away.

Chief is totally terrified of her. Not helped by her claw sharpening routine. So I had to take him up and introduce the 2 of them. Animals aye!

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