Saturday, December 19, 2009

Technology arrives at Hillersden

This new piece of technology arrived yesterday. Quite common in most places now but for those who know us here, will realise what an invasive piece of equipment this is.
To say that it was met with resistance is a bit of an understatement!

Because of the huge amount of vehicles in the back part of the property now it is an essential device so that the farm can continue to operate around them.

I of course think its a wonderful toy and have been listening in to whats going on. "4 heavy vehicles from the 3 k mark to the 9 k". "Big dump truck up to its axles in a bog" etc. All interesting stuff to those involved.

Not only our landscape thats changing forever................

haha, gotta love that old wallpaper!


sally said...

What an interesting looking photo .....have you got it sussed yet?. I hope you are getting loads of riding in and summer is going nicely!. Have an awesome xmas!

KA said...

your farm is called Hillersden? We have a Hillersden a couple of kms up the road from us, in fact it's a "spot" on the map (god knows why, it's all just farms!) west of Wairau Valley :o)

and this is Summer said...

This farm has been in the owners family (we get the pleasure of living and working here) for well over 100 yrs now.
It was named after one of the families properties (Hillersden of course)in the Sth Island.
Fair chance the one close to you is the same one!

KA said...

I know the guy who owned it (Higgins) has just recently sold the Hillersden here, he's gone up to the Nth Island to get a bigger farm (too brown and dry for him here probably ;o)