Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Did we have a 'breakthrough moment'?

Last night the big coloured mare "Te A" walked freely into the stock yards and straight up to us. She stood there and seemed to ask for attention.
A warm fuzzy moment!

This mare, while pretty much always doing as she has been asked, never gave herself up freely. She would always stand outside the gate and only come in when made to etc.

Last night she hung her head while we patted, scratched and generally made a fuss of her. She could have left at any moment but chose to stay. Would it be too soon to think that maybe that corner has been turned?
About 2 weeks ago I had made the comment that this mare always just seems to hold something back, maybe, just maybe we have moved onto the next phase......

Here's a couple of photo's of our early morning visitor. Taken from inside so I didn't scare him away so not the best quality.
Tui's are something we don't see too often just here as we don't have much bush around our house.
Maybe all the planting I have been doing the past couple of years is starting to encourage them in. I hope he stays.

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