Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rangitoto Trek

Its been an all round interesting week. Ups and downs with Charlie's horse, "Te A". Some days great and then days like Friday, not so good.

Steph came and had a ride on Trapper to see if maybe she might like to ride him on the Trek as Sparky needed a bit of time off with a small injury.

Te A put her best foot forward and performed like a spoilt brat the entire ride.

So we set off early this morning wondering what the day was going to give us.

It was a nice small group that were friendly as always. Nice to see some people I haven't seen for a while. Helen lead the trek and it was entertaining as only Helen seems to be able to make them. Loosing her way seems to be the norm!

We had lunch at the river. Not quite the spot it was supposed to be at but we were all hungry and there had been quite a few delays up till then.

Summer threw herself into the river. She who would baulk at 3 teaspoons of water ( Jan's word's) is now playing and splashing and having a lot of fun.

"Te A" just followed everyone else and looked like she rode in rivers all the time!

So it was a good day. A very long one. We left home at 7.30 am and got back just after 6.30 pm. But the ride was enjoyable, the company great and the horses went well. So I guess it was perfect really ;-)

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KA said...

Love the photos!!! What a way to spend the day, just fantastic :o)