Saturday, August 29, 2009


Summer has again been at the molasses drum. It has a big wheel in it for the cattle to lick. No problem at all for a smart yellow pony and her big coloured friend.

One good thing I suppose. It might stop the ticks from crawling on their faces. Charlie tied a sack over the drum to stop them. I don't really no why he bothered. She is the master of removing and untying things, especially when there is something as good as molasses underneath.
So I have again removed them from that paddock. Those cattle better hurry up and eat the damn stuff.

And here is the sarcoid after 2 weeks of treatment. Definitely some changes starting to occur now. Ugly thing though.

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sally said...

the sarcoid looks heaps better. and I'm sorry to hear about Nigel. Dont animals just try us in so many ways but I'd say you like me and many other just cant live with out them