Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Update

We are breathing a sigh of relief that the forecast wind never struck here as bad as predicted.
Its only about 2 weeks off being a year since the big storm that blew the shed to pieces and its not something I care to relive in a hurry.
Hopefully not to much damage has been done to other places.

After trying Trapper out with the saddle the other day I have been itching to get on him.
We had a bit of a sit the other day but nothing much.

So today I put on my big girl knickers, saddled him up and then thought I might try a bridle. Judging by his reaction to the bit I don't think he has ever had one in his mouth.
So I got rid of that quick smart. Thats one of the problems with not knowing how much, or even what has been done by other people.
Still no problem. I hopped on and Charlie lead us round the yard. What a cool pony I have :-)
Not one moment at all when I was worried. His ears were flopping around and his tail was relaxed.
We are thrilled!

But I think I might make a call to the person who broke him in and just check on what has been done with him before we go too much further........

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sally said...

I think we got the wind down here in Taranaki .....its been terrible. Good luck with Trapper