Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Honest Scrap

Kylee at tagged me for the Honest Scrap. Basically it's an email quiz that has somehow worked it's way into the bloggersphere (blogosphere? which is correct, I'm not sure?). The idea is I have to list 10 honest things about myself, and then tag 10 further bloggers to complete it, but unlike the nasty email ones there is no threat of bad things happening if you don't complete it. But it'd be interesting if you guys did.

(copied from Perfs website, and Kylee's as I too don't really know what it is.)

I am 42 yrs old. (Thats got to be older than most people who blog) And I have been married to someone who is 17 yrs older than I am, for 21 amazing years. And we forget our wedding anniversary almost every year!

My first proper pony, after my mother bought me something about 15 hh (I was only 7 yrs old) was a delightful grey mare called Sally.
I fell off my brothers pony and cracked 2 vertebrae so it was decided I needed something more my size.

We used to ride to Matangi Light Horse Club wearing our school shoes and cleaned our saddles with nugget. Can you imagine the mess it made of jodhpurs (thats when we actually had them).

We have lived near Raglan now for 10 yrs. Thats the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my lifetime.
My parents moved a few times when we were kids and since being married we moved from farm to farm every 2-4 yrs. We were at Mangakino, Onewhero, Matau valley in Taranaki (near Whangamomona) Tutira in Hawkes Bay and a few temporary places in between.

I have 2 brothers and am the middle child. My older brother died in a car accident when I was 15 yrs old. That tends to change ones life.

We have 2 children. Sarah who is 22 yrs old and a photographer. And Ryan who is nearly 17 yrs old and sometimes goes to school.................

My beautiful Summer (according to people who know me) is the least likely type of horse, they can imagine me having.
After years of having OTTB's (My teenage yrs were spent in Cambridge and they were freely available) and competing in dressage on steady, sensible geldings, she is certainly a challenge but has taken me back to a childhood where arab X poines reigned supreme for me.

I hardly rode a horse for many years. Young children and the places we lived did not encourage it. So when we moved back to the Waikato I did an adults returning to riding course at Wintec (when they still had the horses). I loved it and had an amazing older horse to ride who was beautifully schooled. It renewed my interest in Dressage which is still a secret yearning. Not having a flat area anywhere though makes for interesting riding!

I eat a piece of toast with vegemite for breakfast practically every single day of the year.

I used to be quite brave!! I would have crazy 'gutsy' days when I would build ridiculous jumps and ride horses that most people wouldn't get on. I broke in a couple of horses for myself when I was a teenager and was often asked to ride peoples problem ponies.

I think thats my 10. So now its the turn of

Karen -
Stephanie -
Gina -
Jo -
Kel -
Judith -
Kelley-Anne -
Kyrie -

And I can't think of another 2 that haven't already been tagged. So go knock yourselves out people!

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