Sunday, June 21, 2009

Te A's turn

2 fine days in a row and its now been 2 weeks since her treatment with Tommy B. She is so much more settled and trusting than she was a few months back. Then she would kich when being girthed up, was moody about a cover and just generally very wary. All that was totally expected though and now its time to move on

She has obviously had a lot of work done at some stage. It is quite difficult when you only have sketchy details of whats happened in the past.

I have been hanging over her etc and waiting for Charlie to have time as she is after all his horse.

She did hump up when he went to get on (he stuck his knee in her back though) and snorted all at the same time. So back to just getting on ver quietly.

Today though she was so much happier again and is realising we don't want to do anything scary with her.

So she walked quietly up and down a few times with me leading her and Charlie sitting on her bareback. She was great!
I even got brave and had a proper sit on her.

Bit hard to take photo's but thats not important.

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