Monday, June 1, 2009

Queen's Birthday Monday

Summer sleeping in the sun

The weather this weekend has been nothing short of hideous. Rain on Saturday and it may as well have been snowing here yesterday it was that damn cold!

Still today was full of promise with blue skys and light winds...................................not that the light wind thing lasted for long.

And looking like an old station hack

We had organised to go for a good long ride, doing a few laps of different paddocks and eventually ending up at the trig.
Jan and Eli came along for the ride.

A badly composed shot by me of them posing for the camera

Eli is applying to go to Smedley Station so we posed him in a couple of places so he had some good photo's for his application.
Smedley is a working station that takes on 11 young people each year as farming recruits.

So the wind blew but it was great to get out for a good long ride. Summer is so full of herself right now though. I never took my gloves off the whole time (because of the cold) but I see I have a blister that has burst.
She started off with her latest trick of letting fly with the rear end while humping her back but when she realised she was being left behind she got over it very quickly and got going. Thats the great think about riding with others I suppose as its inclined to distract her.

Things will get better with some consistency of course but right now its a case of riding when you can.

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