Thursday, June 18, 2009

A catch up

I was hoping to take some photo's before making another post here, but it just hasn't happened.
Maybe tomorrow.

Miami sold this week. I managed to get the heading of her ad changed by TM and when I renewed it I had 4 inquiries in 2 days.
She was bought sight unseen by a lady in Wellington and was picked up yesterday. I was very proud of how well she loaded on the truck.
It was stopped on the side of a very busy road and as soon as the ramp came down she was wanting to get on.
I heard tonight that she was apparently a dream the whole time and is now safely at her new home. I wish them all the best.

Cody too is happy in his new home. He has another horse that used to be ours as a paddock mate which is nice.

Gus had a date with the vet yesterday. He had to be sedated so they could examine him properly and do some cleaning in his 'nether regions'. They have taken a urine sample and removed a 'bean'. He is already looking more comfortable.

I hopped on his this afternoon and took him for a wander around the paddock. He is going to the beach on Sunday to be the mount of a virtual beginner, and as I haven't ridden him since Easter I thought it wise to remind him what its like to be ridden. Of course I shouldn't have worried. He was his usual steady self.

And then it was the yellow ponies turn. She was pretty good considering I haven't been on her for a while again now. Cliffie thought he would follow us around, which is usually fine. However an open gate was to much of a temptation to the old boy and he cantered off across the paddock. Poor Summ was just about turning blue, lol. I got her turned around and headed away and Cliffie followed. However he then decided to canter off home so before anything could go wrong, I got off and lead her home.

Its still wet and the wind is cold. Its far from ideal riding conditions here but we have a few fine days coming. I have plans for Te A this weekend. Watch this space.

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