Sunday, April 19, 2009

:-( and :-)

I decided not to ride Gus today even though he seems perky and happy again. Disappointing as it was a place I haven't ridden before but there will be other times.

Summer has a swollen hock. She has had a couple of minor scratches, one above and one below the hock that I have treated and all I can think of is that one has set up an infection. Thats what I'm hoping anyway as a swollen hock is not such a good thing to have.
She has a poultice on it till morning and if no better I will call the vet. Argh :-(

About a year ago now, a person I meet up with on horse treks turned up with the most eye catching chestnut clydie X youngster. I was smitten!! And then to find out that he owned 3 of them........well I was jealous as hell!

So when I spotted this baby clompety for sale a few days ago, I just had to go and see him.
Charlie came along too and we were both hooked.

He is 1/2 clydesdale. By a bay clydesdale (now deceased) stallion out of a X bred, bay mare.

Presently we are calling him Frank, short for Frank Bruno (the boxer) after he gave Summer a perfectly timed right hook to the jaw when we were introducing them.


Cruize The Horse said...

Wow!! I want to steal Frank! What a striking lil dude! Lucky you

and this is Summer said...

Thanks Kate. He is cute as heck, and super friendly. We are lucky alright!