Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One of those moments where, you had to be

there to appreciate it.

I rode Summer yesterday. All padded up, she must look a bit like a Sumo Wrestler. She was really quite good and is healing well.

Then later in the evening I thought I would take Gus for a ride too. Foolishly I thought it a good idea to drag Summer along, lol.
Twice in one afternoon is apparently not a good idea, or else she is just sick of being lead. We headed up Wright's hill. This past week she's happily trotted or canter alongside Gus but not yesterday! 3 times she stopped dead, once I let her go and had to go back to get her.

Then along over on the flats she decided again that she didn't want to go. I hung on a couple of times but then one stop and quick reversal meant I had to let go.
This time though when I went back to get her she would take 2 steps towards home. I would stop Gus so she would stop, classic cat & mouse I rode off and left her standing there.
Poor Gus was practically hysterical! Big time head rolls, I could hear him telling me "we can't leave her" LOL.
I thought she might follow but no, every time I looked back she was just standing there. I went behind a hill and peaked around and she had turned to look in our direction but she still just stood there. After some time I went back and got her. Funny she seemed quite happy to stand this time. Gus of course was very relieved! He takes his job of looking after everyone quite seriously.
It was one of those classic moments to see Summer actually looking confused and not sure what to do. I had quite a good chuckle to myself and we all made it home without any further hassles.

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