Monday, December 22, 2008


Today my lovely Jasper went off to his new home with Bev & David. I hope he gives them all the fun and entertainment they deserve.

Miss Miami is still for sale. Very little interest in her which is expected I guess considering the time of the year. She has settled back in here without a problem.

But the horse gathering continues! We temporarily have the delightful Frosty visiting. He is supposed to be going to a showing home (when the right one comes along) so that his years of inhand showing can be put to practice now with a wee little rider.
Frosty must be every little girls dream. He is a very cute, palomino 11 gelding who has numerous champion and supreme awards to his name.

My quiet fund raising ride I have planned for the 28 Dec seems to be attracting a fair bit of interest. I was not expecting big numbers thinking most people would be away or in holiday mode at that time but judging by the number of ph calls and e mails i have received there is going to be a few more than anticipated!

Off to brave the shops as I have not bought a single present yet. Those who know me, will find that unusual. I just can't get into the spirit of things this year.

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