Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dressage, western, endurance, treeless??????

Why is buying a saddle such a major problem? Years ago you saw one you liked in the shop, sat in it to see if it fitted and as long as it didn't look to ridiculous on the horse you bought it and then proceeded to use it on every other horse you needed to ride.

Summer has never been easy to fit a saddle to, broad backed, wide shoulders but also very short in the back.
Now the western saddle I bought specifically for her is making friction marks (rubbed hair) on her shoulders and today there was a lump on her spine after our ride. Really frustrating.

And then on Thursday I had a lesson. GP saddle, bitted bridle the lot! LOL I was all over the place but she tried very hard and considering how long its been so I guess we didn't do too badly.
And it payed off as today when she was parking her butt out in the track to stop Don's horse passing I was able to put my leg back and get her to move her hindquarters over again. YAY for progress no matter how slight.

So now I want a dressage saddle again. Limited budget of course but what the heck do you buy???
So many choices!! But will they fit. Trade Me is great to show all the different types but maybe for someone like me that just makes it even harder.

And of course for the past couple of years I have been looking at treeless saddles. The really good ones are way out of my price range at this point in time, even second hand but I am sure they are going to be great for Summer.

How many saddles does one horse need?
She's already onto her second western as she changed shape too much for the first one and then there is the wintec wide that the others (and on rare occasions me) ride in which Gina says is quite good for jumping.
And she's only 5 yrs old so still growing and changing shape.
Oh and I forgot the bareback pad I've been lining up. Its something I did a lot many years ago and I still enjoy it.
Maybe that would solve all my problems!?!?!?!?!?

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