Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer's date with the dentist

Poor Summer. I find it really odd when a horse is sedated but today she had to be to have her blind Wolf teeth removed.

There is a bit of digging around and it leaves a reasonable hole in the gum.

Not nice seeing her stand there with head hanging and blood dripping from her mouth.

However once the sedation wore off she wanted to go back to her paddock and is happily grazing away. Gee I fuss!!!!!!!!!

I have Turk here at the moment. He is a pony belonging to a friend of ours. Turk has come to have his education furthered as Elaine finds it a bit hard now.
He is a good wee boy and has been fairly easy to do anything with so far.
Started today on the driving reins. Now for a few more fine days so we can get a bit more done!!

Also had Steve ring today to see if we can get together to look at some maps for next years leg of the great NZ Trek, YAY!!

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