Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer & Jasper go to Gina's.

Summer got clipped yesterday much to her disgust. She is not a fan of being clean and tidy and clipping it seems is right up on that list of things she doesn't like to do.
She settled down though and let us get on with it.

Today she and Jasper went to Gina's for a proper ride. Its been a good 3 mths now and she was pretty good really. A few "Summerish" moments at the beginning and despite being a bit distracted she was fine.

Then it was Jasper's turn.
He is such a cool little fella. A real no fuss kinda guy. Gina was wonderful with him and had him walking around happily on his own in no time.
I am very proud of him!
No photo's though as it was starting to rain a bit at this stage.

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