Saturday, June 28, 2008

summer at Wintec

Summer & Jasper went to town today. The weather has been pretty horrible here this past week so the chance to have them indoors was too good to turn down.
Summer hasn't jumped since about Feb or March and she has never really jumped many different things so this was a good test which of course she passed with flying colours!!

Gus has been having a few well deserved weeks off. There was a weekend trek on at Operau but the weather has been yuck with lots of thunder and lightning so the trek organisers have postponed it. We may still not go to it though. Will depend on how much riding we get in before then.

Justine on Summer. Photo's courtesy of Gina.

Jasper was so very cute. He loved the sand and looked to be wanting to roll a few times. Gina rode him off the lead and even had him trotting for the first time. Gina is brilliant!!!!!!
I have to learn to trust him now and let him be a riding horse (you can see me hovering nervously!). Of course I forgot to take photo's of him again but luckily there were several other camera's clicking. These photo's again courtesy of Gina's camera.

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