Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gee I haven't been here much lately!!

Time for an update!!

Not much riding going on really. Its kind of hard to find the motivation after the "big trek" it seems. That and having to get to know another new horse maybe?

Gus is going a lot better. A few getting to know each other minor issues but he is extremely trustworthy which is nice. I keep comparing him to Cruize which is not fair as they are so very different.
We had another ride today with the Hamilton older riders which was a really enjoyable ride. I am getting to know the riders more and that helps with the enjoyment part too as well as spending time with my horse.

I had forgotten that Gus hasn't been floated much and he took a bit of getting on but that too will improve. He is happy once in there which is good.

The new float is just wonderful!! Having the pump to wash down after a long ride is excellent and I think the horses will appreciate it a lot.

I guess I should just join up with the group properly and then we can go on a few more rides.

Its mothers day today so I best go ring my mum!

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