Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Winter Blues

It was cold here last night and now that daylight saving has finished, the thought of winter is close.
My least favourite time of the year.

My dear broodmare Justa
is coming home again.
We thought she had a good home with Amy but her plans have changed so she will be heading back to Raglan to us.

Not sure what will happen with her but as she was given to us originally I think we will have to see what they want to do with her.
We can't keep her, too many horses already and this ongoing drought is biting hard now.
It may be a fairly hard winter out this way.
She is such a lovely mare and is one of the quietest mares you would ever meet.
Its a shame she didn't let us know this might happen a couple of weeks ago but thats life aye...........always throwing you a curve ball.

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