Saturday, February 16, 2008

One month out from the Great NZ Trek

Cruize, the horse I had planned on riding on the trek is lame. Seems to be a knock to the tendon from a few days ago. Vet has treated him but I am resigned to the fact that he won't be going.
Very sad as we have been so many places together and this was probably going to be his last "big trek".
Still it now gives me the opportunity to ride my young 4 yr old mare Summer who is Cruize's best mate.
He had just had the second injection for his course of 3 that would see him vaccinated for Stangles & Tetanus. Summer has not had any so will something to get onto first thing Monday.
Jan and Karen came out for a ride today to baby sit me on my first proper ride on Summer is quite a while. Apart from a couple of minor silly moments she was very good.

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