Monday, February 25, 2008

25 Feb

Well the rain stayed away and Summer & I went trekking at Rangitoto. What a fabulous ride it was too!! Beautiful rolling farmland but the best bit was the 3 km's of river bed.
Just being a baby Summer wasn't too keen to get in at first but thanks to my wonderful friend Jan and the beautiful Shadow who spent time leading and guiding her she was happily crossing the river on her own very quickly.

Bit of bad luck......again with my vehicle though on the way home but thats another story!!

Still not too bad weather wise on the Sunday so we went for a quick farm ride for about 2 hours with the Hamilton riding club on some neighbouring farms. Some more water crossings and Jan & Shadow again helping keep Summer in line downhills etc.
A day off for Summer today. She has had a big few days. Now to sort out how to get the vehicle to town to get it fixed!

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